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How To Prevent Email Spam

Ever now and then I’ll get an email into my inbox saying something like:

“I’m receiving lots of spam all of a sudden and because I signed up with your site then of course YOU are the reason why I’m getting it!”

I really hate these mails but rather than get peeved I’m going to share a few tips that everyone can follow to reduce the amount of email spam they receive.


– If you receive a spam/unsolicited email NEVER follow their ‘helpful’ Unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of the mail. What spammers do is send out millions of emails to random email addresses. If you happen to prove that your email address is alive by ‘Unsubscribing’ then what you are really  throwaway email address  doing is subscribing to their spam list indefinitely. I’m tech-savvy but I still fell for this one for a while.

– Related to the previous point, it’s a good idea to use an email provider that doesn’t display images in emails until you specify to display them. This is because if you open a spam email containing images as soon as the images load the spammers will recognize this and you have proved that your email address is alive. Gmail is one of the email providers that offers this protection.

– Never sign up to any forum/community using your email address as your username. If you do this spammers can read your email address straight from your profile page and when you write posts. You are displaying your email address to them, it’s like throwing a little innocent lamb in front of a pack of lions! DINNER TIME!

– If a site asks you to sign up but you don’t completely trust what they are going to do with your email address then I would recommend using a temporary email address service. Using a service like this you can sign up using a temporary email address that you can discard afterwards leaving your original email address untouched. However if you are signing up with a website that you DO trust and that will need to use your email address for sending notifications etc… (like Facebook, eBay) then I would not recommend using these temporary email services.

– Instead of using a temporary email address you can set up an entirely separate email account just for purposes like signing up to services etc… and use your existing email account for important tasks like emailing friends etc… Divide and conquer!

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