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Diabetes and Depression: Can Hypnosis Help?

Throughout the world, more than 425 million people are affected by diabetes. There are different types, but when blood sugar levels get high and remain there, this can cause issues that are largely the same no matter which type you have. One of the most common complications of diabetes is problems with your feet. Learning more about diabetic slippers and how they can help is important to protect your feet.

When your blood sugar gets high, this can have a negative impact on your blood circulation. Up to 34 percent of diabetics will develop a foot ulcer in their lifetime as a result of poor circulation. Several factors can contribute to these ulcers, including pressure from your footwear and foot injuries that do not heal and worsen with time. In the most severe cases, gangrene can set in and put you at risk for an amputation. dialine pt diabet

Nerve damage is another consequence of high blood sugar. This too can contribute to foot ulcers, but diabetic neuropathy is the biggest concern when you have nerve damage in your feet. The most common type of diabetic neuropathy to affect your feet is peripheral neuropathy. When this condition is present, you may lose sensation in your feet over time which can make it harder to determine when you have an injury. It can also cause pain that ranges from a mild burning feeling to sudden and severe episodes of pain.

Diabetic footwear is designed to keep your feet comfortable and lower your risk of foot problems associated with diabetes. They come in a wide range of styles and you will find varying sizes, such as extra wide shoes for swollen feet or diabetic shoes that are extra wide. When you wear diabetic shoes, they can benefit your foot health in the following ways:

• They promote better blood circulation
• They reduce issues in areas of your feet that are prone to pressure
• They allow for better motion control
• They prevent skin breakdown
• They reduce your risk of calluses


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